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Cat Sitting in Broxbourne

Licking Cat

Discover premier cat sitting services in Broxbourne with The Cat Company! Whether you're jetting off for a holiday or just away for the day, our dedicated team ensures your feline friend receives top-notch care in the comfort of their own home.

Why choose us? We specialise in providing personalised attention, including feeding, cuddling, litter tray maintenance, playtime, and plenty of tender loving care. Enjoy peace of mind knowing your cat is content at home, eliminating the stress of carriers, car rides, and catteries. The Cat Company tailors its services to match your cat's routine, ensuring a happy and secure environment.

But that's not all – we go the extra mile! In addition to cat sitting, we offer home security checks. Our team ensures everything is in order, taking care of tasks like putting out bins, bringing in the post, adjusting curtains and blinds, leaving lights on overnight, and even watering plants.

Booking your cat sitting service in Broxbourne is a breeze. Simply leave a message on our contact form or give us a call at 07379 187977. We'll schedule a meeting to discuss your cat's specific needs and preferred dates, confirming your booking. Additional services, such as bin management, can be arranged during this consultation.

At The Cat Company, we prioritise your satisfaction. Stay connected with your furry friend through regular updates posted on our Facebook page and receive personalised messages keeping you informed about your cat's well-being. Trust us to cater to all your needs and provide the best possible care for your beloved cat. Choose The Cat Company for unparalleled cat sitting services in Broxbourne – where your cat's comfort and safety come first!


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