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Every cat Matters, Remembering Peggy

Updated: Feb 10

This sweet little cat was found living in a garden of a pub in Ware, Hertfordshire. She has been living there for a couple of weeks before locals worked out that she was a stray. The very sad little cat that was named Peggy, and everyone loved her and was concerned for her welfare.

Leaflets and posters were distributed around the area where she was found. Sadly no one came forward to claim Peggy. Peggy was found wearing a collar, but was just hanging around her neck very loosely. Sadly Peggy had not been microchipped so there was no way to contact Peggy's owners. Peggy may have well taken a ride in a van or lorry to arrive in the area, or she could have been a local cat but sadly no one recognised her.

Transported by The Cat Company to rescue

Lucky Peggy had been looked after by the locals at the pub and they made sure she was fed and had a safe place to sleep. After trying to trace the owners with no luck, I then found a place at a local rescue to take Peggy to be checked over and then to be rehomed.

After being checked out by the vet, it showed that Peggy had really bad teeth. When I was transporting her to the rescue place, I could smell her breathe in the car, poor Peggy must have been in terrible pain. After having her teeth removed she must have felt so much better. Peggy was loved by everyone at the rescue and was a really sweet and loving cat.

Little Peggy safe in rescue

Peggy was taken to live with a lady who loved her very much, and everyone was happy to hear that Peggy was living her best life, Somewhere she was cherished and cared for, the life she deserved. Sadly after being in her new home for around a year, Peggy was diagnosed with a tumour. Sweet little Peggy did not get a long life with her new family, but she was loved and safe. Life is so unfair sometimes, but little Peggy you are never forgotten. Sleep tight little lady, so sorry you didn't get longer.


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