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Found a Lost Cat – What Should You Do?

Updated: Feb 15

Finding out if the cat is really lost

Firstly you need to find out if the cat is really lost. Cats have a habit of visiting homes regularly resulting in people assuming its lost or are strays but they may live somewhere close by. Start by putting on a paper collar with your name and number. Then if the lost cat is owned by someone then the owner can call you to let you know the cat has a home.

Get a good clear photo of the cat

Try to get a good photo of the cat so this can be shared on social media pages in your local area. There is a possibility that the cat has just got lost off of the area he/she lives in. By sharing on social media sites, such as Facebook or next-door App, the owner maybe alerted they the cat has been found. The owner can then come forward to claim him/her.

Posters can be put up

Put up posters in the local area and speak to neighbours about the cat. Someone may recognise the cat and alert the owner. Posters should be placed around the location where the cat was found. Place posters in local shops and vets practices.

Have you found a lost cat?

Found a lost cat

Leaflet the area

It is always a good idea to leaflet the area before taking a cat away. As not everyone is on social media, leafleting is the best option. Hopefully the owner will come forward, or someone local may recognise the cat.

Check on social media sites

Check on social media that no one in the area has posted that their cat is missing. Often missing cats are shared on local social media sites and lost pet websites.

Check with Vets

Call your locals vets and ask if anyone is looking for the cat you have found. Take the cat to the vets so it can be scanned for a microchip. If a microchip is found the vet can retrieve the details and contact the cats owners.

All options should be covered before taking the cat away from the area. Once the cat is in rescue they can cat will be held for seven day before it can go up for rehoming.

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