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How to keep your cat safe from household products

Updated: Feb 16

What to check your home for in order to keep you cat safe at home, here is a checklist to make sure your home is safe.

Firstly what plants and flowers do you have in your home, please research before bringing plants and flowers into your home. Lilies are a very popular flower, however they can be fatal for your cat, never allow your cat around flowers and plants until you ensure they are safe.

Check your garden is safe from fertilizers and insecticides, always read the labels to see if they could be a hazard to your cat. Once used keep your cat away from the area until the product has dried. If unsure of the product you can always call the company to get information of the product if it is not explained on the packaging. Then store away the product in a safe place where your cat cannot access.

Cleaning products can be very dangerous, when cleaning never allow your cat access an area where products are used or stored, many products will irritate your cats gastrointestinal tract and some products that have a corrosive action could chemically burn the inside of the mouth and stomach.

Be aware of products such as potpourri and air fresheners, these can be toxic to cats, put potpourri away from where cats can reach and try to use environmentally friendly air fresheners and use well know brands that have been tested.

Keep rat poison away from cats and dogs, do not leave these in accessible areas where your cat can roam. If you have a problem with rodents it maybe best to get advise from a professional pest controller, who will be able to advise you how to keep your cat safe.

Do not give your cat any medication that would be used on humans, if your cat is poorly please visit the vet for correct treatment. Do not leave medication laying around the home where a cat could ingest it, if you suspect your cat has ingested any type of medication please contact your cat as soon as possible.

Never leave chocolate around unattended as you cat may eat some, this is highly toxic to cats, if you think your cat has ingested chocolate please contact your vet as soon as possible.

Car products such as oil and antifreeze should be stored in a safe place, antifreeze is highly toxic for cats and will be fatal if the cat ingests this product. Please clear up any product spilt and wash away many surface waste, antifreeze has not taste for cats and they often think it is water.

So carefully walk around your home and access what could cause a problem to your cat in your home? Other things that could poisoning are batteries, coins, detergents, cigarettes, coffee and alcoholic drinks.

Cat drinking water from the tap

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