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Leaving your cat: Ensuring Cat Safety When You’re Away

Updated: Feb 15

A must do check list before you leaving your cat

So your going away for a holiday and leaving your cat home. Before you leave make sure you run through a check list with your Cat Sitter. Cats can get up to mischief when left alone so make sure you keep you kitty safe! Do a walk through of your house and check for things that could cause problems or cause injury to your cat.

Windows and doors

Cats are curious and agile, so make sure all windows and doors are securely closed and locked before leaving. Check windows are secure, no cat sitter wants to turn up to find an indoor kitty has managed to get out of the window and taken himself on a little walk!

Toxic products

Make sure all cleaning products have been store away correctly and can not be left out where a cat can be exposed to the products. Keep toxic substances such as chemicals and plants out of your cat’s reach. Make sure any plants that are left are cat friendly, as we all know that cats like to have a big chew on something when they are bored! So if you are leaving any plants put them outside away from your cat whilst you are away.


If you have any medication in the house, make sure they are stored securely in cabinets or drawers that your cat cannot access. Medications can be toxic to cats, so it’s essential to keep them safely stored away.

Choke hazards

Secure loose cords, small objects, or anything that your cat could chew on and potentially swallow. Check the house of any choke hazard’s such as rubber bands or needles. Remove decorations eg tinsel or Christmas lights that your cat could get tangled up in.

Going away on holiday and leaving your cat?

Blind cords

Make sure blind cords have been cut and have been placed out of the cats reach, and curtain tie backs have been removed whilst you are away. Cat love playing with the tassels of a tie back but this could end in disaster.

Rubbish bins

Ensure that all rubbish bins in the house are tightly sealed or placed in cabinets with secure doors. This will prevent your cat from getting into something harmful or making a mess.


Make sure electricals are turned off and unplugged, hairdryers and curling tongs etc have been checked to be unplugged before leaving for your holiday. Check no electrical wires are left hanging to prevent hanging the cat itself. Secure loose wires and cords to prevent your cat from chewing on them.

Microchip details

Check your cats microchip details are up to date, call the chipping company and check all the information is correct. If your cat is on any kind of medication, please advise the vet that you are going away and the cat is being looked after by a cat sitter. Make sure there is enough medication to last for the time you are away and it is stored away correctly.

Food and litter

Make sure you leave enough food and cat litter for the time you are away. Store food in a closed cupboard, or food store that can not be opened by your cat. No cat sitter wants to turn up to a sitting job to find the cat has helped himself to 5 pouches of food because the owner has left them on the kitchen side!


Check the house will be a comfortable heat whilst you are away. Either set the heating to come on at a certain time, or have it on a constant low to keep the house warm but not to hot for your cat.

Cat flap

If you cat is allowed out, please check the cat flap is working correctly and is not damaged. If the cat flap is run by batteries make sure you leave a spare set of batteries for your cat sitter if they need replacing.

Pet details

Lastly leave a good photo of your cat with the cat sitter, if you cat does go missing it is best to act fast. This can be then used to alert people to your lost cat or to make posters.

Before you go on your holiday discuss any worries with your cat sitter. A good cat sitter will visit you home and advise how to keep you cat safe so you can go on holiday and enjoy yourself knowing you cat is in safe hands.


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