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Should my cat go to the groomers?

Updated: Feb 5

So you wondering if your cat should go to the groomers, then my answer would be yes! Cats do not groom themselves, they lick themselves, if I asked you to lick yourself would you class yourself as been clean? Cats do generally keep themselves clean and tidy, but by visiting a cat groomer, this will help with reduced fur balls and prevent matting. Firstly I would stress that it is important that you find a cat groomer who is qualified in feline grooming and has been trained in cat grooming ( not a dog groomer)

I will go through what happens when your cat is taken to the cats groomers and what services they offer. So firstly when taking you cat to the groomers please make sure you are taking your cat in a safe carrier. It is always best to pay out of a good quality carrier, that is strong and large enough for your cat. Make the trip to the groomer as stress free as possible, there is nothing worse than turning up at the groomers with a highly stressed cat.

When arriving at the groomers, your groomer will take down all of your personal information and ask you questions about your cat, and should ask you questions about age, health problems and any issues your cat has, such as being matted or any underlining health problems, you can discuss the temperament of your cat and address any concerns with your groomer.

You groomer will run a temperament check and health check whilst you are still with your cat, this way the groomer can explain to you the process of the groom and what services will be needed. You will be asked to sign an consent form for the services, and you will be asked to collect the cat later after the grooming process.

So what is the routine for grooming a cat?

So you wondering if your cat should go to the groomers, then my answer would be yes!

Firstly the cat will be brushed out, removing and matting and tangles, removal of undercoat and loose hair. If the cat is highly matted and needs to clipped, at this point the cat will have a pre-clip or remove the mats before bathing

When the cat is fully brushed out then the cat will be bathed, using a cat shampoo and warm water, and will be bathed and rinsed twice.

After bathing the cat will be wrapped up tight in a towel and will sit wrapped up for a while to soak up must of the water, this way the drying process will be a lot quicker. When sitting in the towel the groomer will clean the face, clean the eyes with sensitive eye treatment and clean the ears. Nails will be trimmed at this point before the drying begins.

Most cats do not really mind the bathing it is normally the drying they dislike, the cat will be dried on a low heat. (cold) When the cat is totally dried, then the cat will be finished by having another groom through. If clipped, then the cat will be clipped over again to tidy up any areas that have been missed, and to make sure the cat is neat and tidy.

The cat will then be put back in the carrier and is ready to go home.

How often should my cat go to the groomers?

In the UK, not many cats go to the groomers, if you cat suffers from hairballs or gets matted often, i would suggest you get your cat used to going to the groomers and visit a groomer at least twice a year. Many cats have regular grooms at approximately every 8 weeks, this keeps them in tip top condition, and keep their coats and skin healthy. Make sure you groom you cat regularly at home to keep on top of shedding and matting, your cat groomer can advise you which grooming equipment to buy.

Cat having a bath at the groomers

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