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What is the most important thing to do when your cat has gone missing ?

Updated: Feb 11

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As a cat searcher I find one thing very important when searching for a lost or missing cat. This is the one thing that owners do not do enough of when searching for their cat. This one thing can help so much when searching.

The answer is door knocking.

Everybody seems so scared to knock on a neighbours door and have a conversation . By door knocking and speaking to people makes a great way to open up an emotional connection, with your neighbours and local residents. Now you are chatting with each other, you can explain your cat is missing and that you are very worried.

Imagine you cat is missing and you put out leaflets in the local area. I can guarantee, not everyone will look at that leaflet. They will pick the leaflet up as they come in the door, but everybody is busy. They have the children to sort out, the dog needs a walk, the dinner needs cooking or they need to make an important telephone call. Your leaflet is picked up but put down somewhere and is never looked at!

By making the effort to knock on their door and explain to them that your cat is missing you are bringing awareness to them. You can explain to them how worried you are, and that you are concerned that your cat is hurt, lost or trapped. At this point you can hand them a leaflet that shows a photo of your cat and explain to them how long your cat has been missing.

Now you have made a connection with that person, they can relate to you on an emotional level. They can see you worried and in pain, and now they are in a position where they will be much more likely to help you. Now you have given them a reason to search their gardens, sheds and outbuildings in order to try and help you.

Often at this stage, they want help you, and offer to search outbuildings, sheds and gardens. I often get stories about friends and neighbours who have been in the same situation. Now you have become a friends with them, as now you have connected emotionally.

You now have the time to explain that your information and telephone number is on the leaflet, explain where you live so you are available to them if they see your cat. I can guarantee, now you have made a connection these people will be much more likely to be looking out for your missing cat.

I understand it can be scary knocking on doors asking for help, but in my experience of cat searching I can honestly say once you have had a conversation with local people and neighbours, they really want to help you.

The worse thing that could happen is they say they cant help you and they haven't seen your cat, So don't be afraid, get out of your comfort zone and start door knocking . Let people help you find your missing cat.

For more advice contact The Cat Company.


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