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The Cat Company offers a cat sitting service in Roydon, we can visit your home whilst you are away on holiday or just away for the day. Your cat can stay at home in the comfort of his/her own home with us popping in to feed, cuddle, clean litter trays, play and plenty of TLC. That means you can go away and feel happy and relaxed that your cat is being cared for so you have no worries. 

Staying home means you cat will be happy in his/her own environment, so no stresses of getting your cat into a carrier, then a car journey before being left at a cattery, this can be so stressful for the cat and the owner. By staying home The Cat Company can work around your cat home routine, keeping your cat happy and safe.

As well as cat sitting we can also keep your home safe, checking on each visit that things are as they should be, we can put out bins, bring in post, open and close curtains and blinds, leave lights on over night and water plants for you. 

How to book a cat sitting service in Roydon

Leave a message on the contact form, or call us on  07379 187977, we can arrange a meeting to discuss your cats needs and dates, and confirm your booking. Any extras can be discussed at this meeting eg putting bins out. 

We will always do our very best to cater for all your needs, we can put regular updates about your cat on our facebook or instagram pages.

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