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Do you feel guilty leaving your cat home alone whilst you go away? Use The Cat Company to ensure your cat feels loved and reassured when you are away from home.

Services available at The Cat Company

  • Cat Sitting Services

  • Cat Search Services

  • Advice on behaviour

  • Overnight stays

  • Small animal sitting

  • Grooming

  • nail Clipping

  • Purchase supplies

  • Vet visits

  • Pet transfers

  • Microchipping (coming soon) 

Are you looking for a reliable cat sitter in Hertfordshire? 


The Cat Company is Hertfordshire's best cat sitting service, and our promise is to care for your cat as if it was our own. Making you cat as relaxed and happy as possible whilst you are away from home. 

When you are away will we visit and care for your cat, feeding, watering, check behaviour, health check, grooming, play and cuddle. We will promise do our utmost to ensure that your cats are cared for and happy in their own home environment. We know we can never replace you, but we will try to keep their routine as normal as possible. 

We have a range of services available, we will meet up with you before your trip  to discuss your cats needs and behaviours and make a plan around these routines.

 Whether you’re away on business or holiday, you can relax knowing you cat will be cared for whilst you are away.  Our service offers a trustworthy and less stressful alternative to a cattery, especially for shy or anxious cats.                                                                                                                                                         At The Cat Company  we are passionate about cats and understand your worries about leaving your cats when you go away. We understand that you hate to leave your beloved feline friends, and we know their well-being can be a constant concern while you are away.

We will promise do our utmost to ensure that your cats are loved and well cared for and comfortable  in their own home environment.

We will send you daily update, these maybe messages and photos or videos, we can put  updates on facebook and instagram so you can follow to put your mind at ease, so you can relax and enjoy your trip away without worry.

Please feel free to call for a chat about your cat and any worries you may have . Please contact us on 07397187977. 


How it works....

Call for a booking request or fill in the contact form

Confirm that you would like to go ahead with your booking

Meet and greet Appointment with you and your cat

Leave for your break and we will look after your cat. 

                           Cat Sitting areas covered in Hertfordshire.

Ware, Hoddesdon, Hertford, Hertford Heath, Great Amwell, Stanstead Abbotts, Standon, Puckeridge, Wadesmill, Thunderidge, High Cross, Colliers End, Roydon, Hunsdon, WaresideBuntingfordBroxbourne, and Bengeo, for any other areas please call 07397187977

Cat Search services available for lost cats

Cat searching services are now available, sadly i know the hurt of having your cat go missing. I have helped many people to find their missing cats over the last few years and now i want to use my experience to help others to find their lost/missing cats. Having studied cat behaviour and using my knowledge can help and support you along the way, i have a selection of different packages available at reasonable costs. Feel free to message me at or call on 07397187977. For further info visit cat searches

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My promise is to take care of your cat as if it was my own