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The Cat Company - Terms and conditions


All bookings are subject to these Terms and Conditions. A change to the Terms and Conditions may be made from time to time and will be emailed to you. If you are unsure about and terms and conditions please contact The Cat Company for more information or a copy of the terms and conditions can be sent to you.

When booking with the cat company you are required to complete the client information form, please add as much information as possible about your cat, e.g. routines and habits, including any medical history or ongoing medical treatment. This must be completed before any services by The Cat Company.

 You will need to inform The Cat Company of any changes about your cat/pet since previous bookings. Information given at the time of the first booking will be used for further bookings unless The cat Company is notified of any updates in your cats needs or conditions.

A meet and greet must be put in place before your first service.

The owner must confirm to the Cat Company via text or phone that they have arrived home. This is to ensure that you are safely home and have not encountered any delays which may result in The Cat Company providing additional visits.

Your cat/pet(s)

The Cat Company will make every effort to ensure your cat is healthy, safe and happy whilst using our services.

Morning slots are normally between 6 and 10 and evening visits are between 3 and 7. If The Cat Company is extremely busy these times maybe subject to change but do our upmost to provide a regular time for your cat.

Delays due to unforeseen circumstances such as emergency veterinary care or adverse weather conditions, there could be a delay in your cats visit.

 Extra services can be provided. Watering plants, opening/closing curtains/ lights turned on/off. Putting bins out and collecting post. Please request these before the service begins.

If your cat is aggressive  we may terminate any services if your pet is extremely aggressive towards the sitter. You will be liable if your pet causes injuries to the pet sitter.

If you request your cat to be let out during a sitting service The Cat Company cannot be held responsible if your cat does not return.

If you cat has access to a cat flap The Cat Company cannot be held responsible for any injury, illnesses or death that may happen whilst outside.

Alternatively, the cat must be kept indoors whilst the owner is away.

Please ensure your cat is in good health before using any sitting service. If The Cat Company believes your cat is not in good health then we reserve the right to seek medical advice. We will contact you and advise you of any veterinary visits as they happen. The client is responsible for any veterinary bills, no matter how they are incurred, whilst pets are in the care of The Cat Company.

In the event of an emergency or problem we will contact you as soon as possible, if you are not available we will contact your emergency number.  

In the event of your cat going missing we will continue to provide visits for your pet until you arrive home.

Please make sure all necessary items are available during the service. E.g. pet food, litter and cleaning products. Any items that need replacing whilst you are away will be replaced by The Cat Company provided with receipts, these will need to be reimbursed within 7 days of returning. An addition £5 will be added for this service.

If handling is required for the medication to be given then trial visits must be arranged prior to the owners departure. The number of visits will depend entirely on how the cat responds to being approached and handled by a stranger. These visits will be charged at the normal rate.

If the cat becomes aggressive /unpredictable then alternative arrangements must be made for medication to be given.

The cat company will follow instructions to administer medication as direct by the owner but cannot be held responsible for any complications that may arise as a   result.

Small animals

The Cat Company will provide food and clean water for rabbits and other small animals, cage cleaning and maintenance is part of the service.

The same Terms and Conditions described herein also apply to these animals


Fees are shown on the website at time for booking, and these will be discussed with you at your meet and greet. These will be accepted at the time of booking service with The Cat Company.

Payments will be paid by bank transfer or cash.

Full amount of the booking fees will be paid 24 hours prior to the commencement date.

Christmas day, Boxing day , New years eve and New years day have an extra charge of £10 per day.

If you arrive home earlier than expected you will not be refunded for the remaining booking.


Key collection is free, the key will be returned back in the letterbox at the end of the service. If you wish the cat company to drop the key back at a later date a £5 fee will occur.


The cat company will hold keys free of charge, keys will locked away in a secure safe when not in use. .


In an event of being locked out of your home, a locksmith will be called to enter your property. You will be liable to pay for this service direct to the locksmith. If this is due to the cat sitter locking or losing your keys this will be paid by The Cat Company.




The cat company requests 24 hours notice of cancellation


 Safety and your property


The cat company will accept no liability for damaged to your home caused by your pet during the service.

Doors and windows will be closed and locked whilst you are away. If you request doors or windows to be opened we cannot be held responsible for any potential consequences, e.g. someone entering your home or your cat leaving the property.

Any doors/windows required to be kept open/closed must be discussed at time of interview, failure to inform the Cat Company of any such requirements may result in the cat being shut in or out of certain rooms.

If the Cat Company encounters any issues with the operation of any doors/windows requiring professional assistance/fees, the Cat Company will contact the owner to agree any actions. However, should professional/ assistance result in fees, the owner will meet those fees in full upon their return or make arrangements to pay those fees directly.

The cat company will endeavour to leave your property as we found it. The Cat Company does not take on cleaning duties, but will make sure areas are cleaned after use, floors maybe in cleaned and hair maybe hovered up.

Personal information will be confidential and details will not be shared with any third party.

If The Cat Company visits your home and notices a potential  hazard e.g. poisonous plant, then these will be removed from the area .

Social Media

You give permission for photographs and videos of your pets to be used for social media and for website use. This will not include personal or identifiable content. If you wish you pet not to be used on social media please let us know.

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