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The Consultation appointment will be free of charge. This is a meeting to discuss your cats needs, complete the paperwork and collect keys. If the keys are not handed over at this stage an extra £5 will be charged for the collection of keys at a later date. 

Pop in visits

Pop in visits are half an hour long. Your cat will be given food, clean water, change/cleaning of litter tray and we will complete any small jobs such as watering plants. We will then play or cuddle with your cat depending on their needs

One Visit a day £13

Two visits a day £23 

Stay and Play


Stay and play visits are an hour long, perfect for cats that hate to be alone for to long. Plenty of time for play and cuddles.

One Visits a day £20

Two visits a day £33

Overnight stays

Overnight stays are normally between 8pm and 6am. Your home and cats will be safe as we stay overnight to secure the property. This is a great service for peace of mind whilst you are away. For further information call 07397187977.

Overnight stay a night £60

Small Animal care

Small animal feeding is available, for full list of animals care for click here

Small pet sitting £13 half hour visit 

Vets visits

If you can not get your cat to the vet then we can provide transport to get your cat to the vet. We will stay with your pet during the vet visit , giving you peace of mind

The Cat Company will provide emergency trips to the vets if your cat becomes poorly whilst you are away.

Cremation - Ashes can be collected or pets taken for cremation 

These services will be an extra £20

Cat Search services

For missing and lost cat services please visit the cat search page or call on 07397187977 for help and information.

Advice on cat Behaviour

For help with your cats behaviour please call or fill in the contact form to discuss your cats problem. 


Pop in Visits 

one visit a day £13

Two Visits a day £23

Stay and Play

one visit a day £20

Two visits a day £33

Overnight stay £60

Small animal care £13

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