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About me

I have always been animal crazy since I was little, I have had so many different pets over the years but my biggest passion is cats. So this website will be everything to do with cats, from cat sitting, cat advice to news and information so I can help every cat owner.

It will always be myself visiting your cat, I work alone and I am very passionate about giving 100% service and care to your cats. 

I have studied many animal courses over the years I love everything about cats and want to learn as much as I can, I have cat qualifications on the following courses  and studied cat grooming  and behaviour in South Carolina USA .

OCN advanced animal CPR and first aid

OCN Cat grooming

NCGIA  Feline Health and Anatomy

NCGIA  Feline Temperament and Handling

NCGIA Feline Breeds, colours and coat type

Red Cross Feline First Aid 

Dog Grooming qualifications and animal first aid .

I have years of experience in cat sitting, dog walking. dog grooming and small pet care.

                                                                                                                                                                     Experienced in cat grooming,  cat care and  cat search. 

Experienced in pet care and rescue, volunteered at Wood Green Animal cat unit and Rehoming Animal Telephone service.

Let me introduce you to my cat family, they are all rescues because this is my favourite breed!  

Leisa Davidson

Teddy my naughty black cat, a cat I did not intent to get, however he took a liking to me and  ended up at my home! I cant say much about Teddy other than he is just naughty, this cat gets told off all the time, but really couldn't give a damn!! 

Lily is my eldest cat, she is not really like a cat and doesn't really do cat things, most of the time she is in her own little world. Its taken about 10 years to realise that maybe she likes having a stroke !! but all my cats  love her, she is such a gentle little lady. 

Sadly I lost my Lily in the  summer in September 2022.  Sleep tight baby girl, forever missed. 

Cat laying in the grass
Ginger cat laying down

Todd Cheeto, my daughters cat, he really is a sweet little boy . Todd is a little nervous and likes a quiet household , hes not fond of strangers to the home and often is found hiding in one of my bedroom draws.

Eddie, this is Todds brother, but where Todd is small and delicate Eddie is a big bagpuss. Eddie loves to spend time at home with us,strokes and lap cuddles and when he has been out he calls us as soon as he arrives home. Eddie is also a big hunter, so in the cold weather when he doesn't want to venture outside we have to spend a lot of time playing , his favourite toy is an old shoelace. 

Cat laying on a bed
Cat laying on a sofa

This is Blue, the new arrival. Blue is a Maine coon but sadly he has a slightly deformed front leg but that doesn't stop him in any way. He is always up to mischief. 

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