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Cat Sitting Services 

At the Cat Company we are your loving stay-at-home alternative to a cattery. We provide outstanding cat care so your cat recieves plenty of play and TLC.

Cat in a basket

The Cat Company provides a professional service for your cat, making sure your cat receives a caring and loving first class service to make sure your cat is happy while you are away. All services will be tailor made to suit your cats needs and requirements. The Cat Company will offer daily visits or live in cat care if your cat is anxious, we are fully insured and hold a DRB check.

                                                                                                                                                                       We understand how stressful it can be for a cat to be placed in a cattery, as cat are creatures of habit it can be very confusing and unsettling for them. Staying at home and being cared for by The Cat Company will put owners at ease knowing your cat will loved and cared for while you are away. 

There are plenty of other benefits to your cat be staying home with a cat sitter, such as not having to travel to another destination as most cats dislike travel as this can cause stress, also this eliminates the cat carrier, how many cats enjoy getting in the carrier! So staying home is a much better option for your cat. Home security is an added bonus to us visiting you cat everyday, this means we can check your house is safe and can make your house looked lived in , such as closing your curtains in the evenings or leaving a light on. 

 We will take note of your instructions regarding feeding, medications, favourite toys and activities, etc.  While you are away, you will receive photos from each visit via Whatsapp messaging showing your cats happy and playing. Of course, when you return, your cat will tell you in his or her own way how well cared for and happy they've been while you've been away!  Your satisfaction is important to us, therefore we offer a 100% refund guarantee if you believe your cat received any less than the loving service promised.

Services are available 365 days a year including bank holidays, Christmas and New Year (extra charges may apply) 

Regular texts or photos will be free of charge, these will be send through Whatsapp and will be discussed with you at time of booking                                                                                                                        

Christmas Day, Boxing Day, New Years Eve & New Years Day (Additional cost per day) £10 per day

  •  We can visit once twice or any many times to suit your cat

  •  Play time

  •  Cuddles and love

  •  Elderly and special needs cat can be catered for with special TLC

  •  Grooming services

  •  Kitten visits can have extra play time

  •  Feeding and watering each visit and special diets can be followed

  •  Clean feeding area daily

  •  Litter trays will be cleaned 

  •  Curtains opened and closed so it looks like you are still home

  •  Lights can be turned on and off

  •  Dustbins and rubbish put out

  •  Text messages and updates about your cat

  •  Lots of love and cuddles as desired!

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