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Cat Sitting in Hertfordshire 

Licking Cat

The Cat Company is a professional cat sitting service based in Ware, Hertfordshire. We have your cats best interest at heart and have a very  good understanding of cat behaviour.

We provide the best care allowing you to go away and leave your cat safely at home being looked after by the Cat company, a caring and loving service at all times. This means the cat will be less stressed whilst you can go away and you can relax knowing you cat will be well cared for. Your cat will be much happier staying in his/her own environment and therefore keeping a normal routine. Cats love to stay at home and dislike change, so this is the alternative to putting you cat into a cattery.


We are DSB checked and fully insured, so you know that we can be trusted, so you understand who will be entering your home whilst you are away. We are always available to help out clients so you can contact us at any time 

Each cat will be different, so we can work out a routine that will work for your cat, so we can visit as many times as needed and keep you can as happy as we can. We realise that no two pets are the same, so we can offer a wide variety of different  services to fit your needs. Our experience and knowledge allows us better understanding of your cats need and how to treat and interact with them. At The Cat Company we believe in continual education, and we are always updating our expertise in cat behaviour and care. 

We worked all year round, so do worry about going away at certain times , such as Christmas as we can have that covered for you.

When you are away we can also do things such as empty bins, water plants, take in post and also check your property is safe. We do not use use car signage for advertising purposes as this may alert people to your absence. 

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