Frequently asked questions

How do i book a Cat Sitting service?

At The Cat Company we love to talk to you about you cat so feel free to call for a booking on 07397187977, or you can either leave a request on the contact form and we will get back o you as soon as possible or book on the online booking form.

How many visits will my cat need?

We will discuss you cat routine and work around that, some cats will be happy with one visit. Personally i prefer two visits so i can keep a close eye on your cats health whilst you are away, but it is really your choice. Most healthy cats will be ok with one visit a day, and special needs cats may need more visits.

Do you adminster medicines?

We would be able to adminster medicines, i usually get the owner to show me your routine and how you adminster the medicines. You will need to sign a consent form for medicine so we are covered by our insurance. There maybe some cases we cannot adminster for example if your cat become highly agressive, then i would need advise your cat stay at a cattery where a vet can adminster the medicine safely.

Do i give you a key to my home?

You will need to hand over a key to your home, these keys will be stored safely and will not be labeled. The key will be locked away for safe keeping, we can keep hold of your keys for future services or incase of emergencies.

When do i pay for my services?

Request fo payment will be sent to you 7 days before, payment will need to be paid before the cat sitting service begins.

Can i cancel my booking?

Any booking can be cancelled up to 48 hours before the booking is due to start, however if you have already had you consulation for the booking a £10 charge will be made for th time used ( this is normally free when the booking and service is carried out)

What happens if there is an emergency with my cat?

Your cats health and well being is always the most important thing when we are looking after your cat, if we suspect there is a problem with your cats health we will ask a vet to advise. We may take your cat to be checked out by a vet ( this cost will be charged to you and this will be explained during the first meeting) your cats health will come before anything else. Any problems or illnesses will be immediatley reported to you, either by phone call or text message depending on the severity of the illness or injury.

How far in advance should i book your services?

You can book as far in advance as you wish, taking in mind some times in the year maybe very busy. I will always try my best to book you in, even at very short notice.

What areas do you cover?

The Cat Company is covering Hertfordshire, so for any area not listed please concact me either my the contact form or my phone and i will do my best to help you, The Cat Company is currently expanding its area.

How long do you spend with my cat?

Each visit will be approx 30 long, this is just not a pop in and out visit, your cat will be checked each visit. We ensure you cat is fit and healthy during the visit, we will clean food bowls and change water each visit, clean litter trays. The house will be checked for safety, plants watered, post brought in, playtime with your cat or cuddles.

How much is a cat sitter per day?

A cat stter will charge approx £10-£15 per visit, the cost will depend on how many visits per day, and will often discount the second visit for the day.

How much should i pay a friend to look after my cat?

If you are paying a friend to look after you cat then around £5 a visit, but they will not in insured for accidents such as losing your keys, etc.

How much does it cost for a cat sitter?

Acost of a cat sitter will depend on who is looking after your cat, if you ask a neighbour or friend they may not charge you. If you choose a person who is just making a small charge then this is someone who is jusy making a hobby out of Cat Sitting. Booking a professional company to look after your cats they will charge between £10 - £15 a visit, a professional company will be insured, DRB checked and will have experience of looking after your cats and will most likely have qualifications on feline care.

How much do you charge for an overnight stay?

The Cat Company will charge you £40 a night for overnight stays looking after your cat and house security. For long periods please contact us as we can discount a long stay away from home.

What does a cat sitter do?

The Cat Company, will take care of your cat, healthcheck, play, love and feed your cat. In the service will be clean the area you cat has used, litterboxes etc, take in post, open curtains, put out bins etc. For anything you need doing please speak to use and we will do our best to accommodate you.

How much experience do you have?

I have had cats all my life, i have many qualifications on animal and feline care, including feline first aid, cat grooming and cat behaviour. Having studied in South Carolina in USA, at the National Cat Groomers Insitite of America, wher i studied cat grooming and Feline behaviour. I have also spent time voulenteering at Rehoming Animal Telephone Service and Woodgreen Animal Shelter.

Do you have cats of your own?

i Have always had cats since i was a child, i was two then i got my first cat, a tabby called Peter (but Peter was a girl) i have also been the owner of Tuffy, Susie, Tabitha, Poppy, Paddy and Thomas. I am now owned by Lily, Teddy , Todd and Eddie.

Who will be caring for my cat?

Your cat will be visited by the same person who conducts your first meeting, the same person will visit for teh whole duration you are away. The cast welfare is our main purpose.

Do cats get sad when you leave them?

Cats do get lonely when they are left alone for long periods, they are social animals and enjoy the company of others. Some cats are very happy to be left alone, whilst others suffer from depression and on the odd cases can suffer with separation anxiety. Short times away from you cat is find but no longer than 12 hours.

What will the cat sitter do when they visit?

Feed and water your cat check the heat is at a suitable level play and cuddle with your cat check the house is safe and make sure your cat not escape clean litterboxes clean mup any mess check the house is secure before leaving put out bin, water plants and take in post