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Actions that may prevent you finding your missing cat

Updated: Feb 13

actions preventing you finding your cat

In panic people run around the streets or drive around in their cars searching in an attempt to locate their missing cat. Thus, missing any clues that could help you find your cat.

Try not to listen to advice given by friends and neighbours. It is better to seek professional advice on how to find your missing cat.

Start by being logical, come up with a plan on how and where you are going to search for your missing cat. What is your cat like, is it friendly? is it a timid cat? how far does your cat normally travel? do you understand the territory that your cat covers? When was your cat last seen?

Firstly when people tell you to put out hoover contents to lure your cat back home, you cat will already know the area and the smells around your area. You are best to leave your doors or windows open, rather than put out blankets and hoover contents. I have visited houses where there are sheets and clothing littered over the walls and bushes outside. Imagine a scared cat running to home to see sheets and blankets hanging on bushes and trees. This in itself is enough to scare the poor cat away again.

Do not leave food out as this only encourages other cats to the area, this can also encourage foxes. If you cat was to return to find a fox or the resident bully cat on his territory this could prevent your cat coming home.

Litter boxes should not be left outside, this may encourage other cats to visit the area. This may scare your cat if it comes home to find another cat on his territory. There has been no proof that using a litter box lures your cat back home.

Every cat will be different and different resources will need to be used to find your cat. A house cat will act very differently from you outside cat. A shy cat will act differently from a bold, confident cat. Each search needs to be different to accommodate each cat.

It is important that you start your search as soon as possible, do not leave it a week before you start to search. The quicker you start your search the more chance you have of getting your cat home.

If you unsure how to start your search contact who will be able to give you advise on how and where to start your search. Searching for lost cats can be very time consuming, to get your cat home you will need to commit to finding him. Sometimes is hard and frustrating ,and many options have to be considered. If you need help understanding what to do first then visit has information about missing cats.

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