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Daisy's Law - Calling all cat owners

Cat owners and animal lovers, we need your help! Daisy's Law needs to be passed and we need as many signatures as possible to push this forward.

For anyone not knowing the story, Daisy was a beautiful black and white cat, loved and adored by her family. When one day when sitting on her front porch minding her own business and relaxing on her own property two dogs run up to her and viciously attacked her, both dogs were off leads and the owner had no control over them. The owner of the dogs did not shown any concern or remorse, walking away leaving Daisy dying, with the attitude that Daisy's owner could sue her but she had no money and refused to give any details.

Daisy was rushed to the vets, however after being critically ill for 6 days Daisy health deteriorated and the family had to make the heartbreaking decision to put her down.

Now daisy's owners have to mourn the loss of their cat, along side trying to get justice for Daisy. The law stands that an attack on an animal by another animal is not classed as serious enough by the police force to prosecute irresponsible pet owners, and that needs to change! Sadly it happens way to often, there has been many such attacks on cats reported, and not just cats but small dogs as well. Peppa a small bichon was out in the park with her family when she was attacked by a dog off lead, poor Peppa was shaken by the dog and sadly died.

So please could cat owners and animal lovers please sign and share, we need as many signatures as possible, we need to stop this happening to another cat. Dogs like these must be muzzled when out and must be kept on the lead by law, fines should be given, and the owner must take responsibility for their dogs actions. Lets get this rolling, please sign and share and stop these attacks on cats, dogs or before a child gets attacked.

Please share in loving memory of beautiful Daisy, a gentle girl who did not deserve this, sleep tight sweet Daisy, you are not forgotten x

Please sign petition at

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