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How to Find a Lost House Cat: A Step-by-Step Guide

Updated: Feb 5

Here is a step-by-step guide to help you find your missing house cat. A missing house cat will act very differently from your average missing cat. House cats have not had the experience of the outside world and will become very scared when they find themselves outside.

House cats find good hiding spaces

When a house cat gets outside the first thing he will want to do is find a hiding space. House cats are very good a hiding. Once hidden they may not move and most often the do not come to call. So even if you are standing right next to them and calling them, they will just freeze in fear.

Act quickly

The quicker you start looking for your cat the better. Start you search at home, check the garden and any outbuildings. Get on your hands and knees and search under cars and under bushes and shrubs, make sure you search all areas even right at the back. Cats can hide away in the smallest of areas, and are incredibility still.

Work with your neighbours

Work you way along to the next house. Ask your neighbours if YOU can search their gardens for your missing house cat. When asking other people to search, they may only glance around and miss the hiding cat. Do a thorough search of the garden, including behind sheds and garages, and checking any small gaps.

Work your way along the houses, most house cats are found within 5 houses of home. Speak to all your local neighbours and explain your house cat is missing, and how important is it to find your cat.

Get searching

House cats can hide down for days and weeks, before survival mode kicks in and they move. They are just frozen in fear and do not dare to move. It is important that every area is searched by yourself. A torch can be used at night to flash under bushes, cars and behind building as you may get a reflection of their eyes in the light.

Steps to find your missing house cat

Tips to find your house cat

Put up posters in the area so everyone is aware your cat is missing. You may get someone seeing your cat move behind a bush to under a car, and you can be contacted quickly if there has been a sighting.

At home leave a window or door open if possible, under the cover of darkness they may get brave and try to get home. If you leave a door open slightly just enough for them to be able to get in.

It is most important to get your house cat microchipped and neutered. Any unneutered cat may get out and you may never find it again as they will travel miles looking for a mate. Microchipping means your cat can be reunited with you if someone else finds your cat.

Do not give up searching to soon when searching for a house cat

Do not give up to quickly, sometimes your house cat has found a very good hiding spot and can not been seen. One searching for a local house cat in my area who had been missing for 4 days. I went to search for him and he was found in the next door neighbours garage. The garage had already been checked on the first day but not every gap was checked . So do make sure every space and space is checked and they can squeeze in the smallest of spaces.

Continue your search, check in with vets and local charities. Do continue to speak to locals, and put out leaflets and posters. Share on social media continually, keep your missing house cat in everyone’s mind.

Have patience when searching for your house cat

Do search at dusk or dawn, when things are still. Call gently then wait, you may have to be very patient. If you see your house cat, take your time retrieving them. Be calm and relax as you can, make no sudden movements as this may cause your cat to run off. Once you have your cat, take your cat home and leave to relax in a quiet part of the house to readjust to being back home.

I hope some of these tips can help you find your missing house cat, so do act quickly, search asap and put these steps into action.

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