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"How to Use a Checklist to Find Your Missing Cat: Free Download Included"

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I have created a basic check list to help you find your missing cat. This will give a place to collect notes and information about your missing cat. Also it will help you keep track of the actions you have taken and where else you need to act.

Start with notes about the last time you see your cat, where it was and what was happening. Has anything unusual happened that day/time? Is there anything you can think of that was different that day, could you cat have been poorly or injured?

When starting your search, do speak to all your neighbours and take notes of when they last see your cat, and note any information they may tell you. Make notes if you have searched their property or gardens.

Make notes of the houses that you visit that no one is home, then you can revisit again later to check in with these neighbours, asking them when they last see your cat. Ask them if you can search their gardens, sheds and garages.

Keep a note of the areas that you have searched, if your family are covering different areas make sure each area is noted down. Then you can work different areas in a hope you find your missing cat quicker.

Note down roads/areas that you have leafleted, so if you need to widen your search later on you will know where has been leafleted.

List roads/areas that you have put up posters, again if you need to widen your search you will know where you can put up more posters. If you have found your cat you will know where to go to remove old posters.

Make a note of where you have advertised your missing cat on social media. Find more groups to search your missing cats information. Find local groups on Facebook and next-door app.

Put out items that smell of home outside in your garden, you don't need to put out lots of items just maybe a blanket. Try to leave doors and windows open at home, as cats can smell home from a good distance. Leaving the door or window open early morning, evening or overnight if possible, gives them the opportunity to get back into the home in the cover of darkness.

List the vets in your local area, send them a clear photo of your cat with the details of when your cat went missing, and how to contact you if your cat is handed into them.

List rescue centres and organisations in your area, send them details of your missing cat.

Make a list of people in your area that could look out for your missing cat. Postal workers, delivery drivers, people passing through your area daily. People using local shops or schools could possibly see your cat, so make sure you speak to as any many people as possible.

Speak to local rescue organisations that may offer help you be able to loan you humane traps or cameras to search for you missing cat.

Make sure you note down and potential sightings of your cat, and make sure you check these sightings out. Even if you think the distance is to far, you cat could have got in a van or car. Check every sighting.

Make sure you have contacted your microchipping company and registered your cat as missing.

Note down your cats microchipping number so you have it at hand if someone believes they have found your cat and can check microchipping details.

Arrange a search party with the help of friends and family, make a list of people you may help you search.

List your cat on as many lost/missing cat websites as you can, get your cats information out there so people can look out.

If you have covered your local area, search a wider search. What other areas could you search?

I hope this helps you find your missing cat. It may take weeks or months to find your missing cat , so don't give up to quickly, keep your search going. Good luck!

Download you check sheet here

Download PDF • 54KB

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