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Factors to Consider Before Getting a Cat

Updated: Mar 29

We all love cats and all over social media we see cute kittens everywhere. No wonder they can be an impulse buy.

Not long after you have brought them home, cleaned the litter tray, replace curtains from where they have climbed up them, and re-potted the indoor plants after finding a little package in there, the novelty of having a kitten starts to wear off.

Not to mention everything that needs to be brought for them, bedding, food, toys, vets bills, flea and worm treatments and that's without the insurance! This cute little kitten is now costing you a small fortune, and this little guy is going to be around for up to 20 years.

Before taking you kitten home please think long term. Ask yourself "do I really want this kitten?", "do I really want a long term commitment?" , "is having this kitten going to fit in with my lifestyle?".

So many of these poor cats end up in a rescue centre or abandoned on the street, so do think carefully before homing a kitten.

Before getting a kitten please visit a rescue centre, getting an older cat you may miss out on the cute kitten hood. But an adult cat has past the point of ruining your curtains and no litter box will be required as they will go outside.

Also by getting a rescue cat, the cat has been health checked, neutered and temperament checked. So no unexpected medical bills.

Visit to your local rescue centre and explain to them the sort of cat you want and they will match you to a cat. Your ideal cat could be sitting in a rescue centre right now!

Naughty rescue cat Teddy


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