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Welcome to Little Dog Adventures

Are you looking for a dog walker for your small dog?

Little Dog Adventures is exclusively for little dogs only, walked in small groups of four. We match your dog with other dogs so they feel comfortable and safe on their walks. with us. 

Who can join our pack 

Little Dog Adventures is for small or medium dogs, great for nervous dogs to build their confidence. Each dog is matched to a walk for their energy levels, and grouped with other suitable dogs. Safety is our number one priority when walking your dog. 

Little Dog Adventures is ideal for breeds such as miniature poodles, cavapoos, bishon frise, yorkshire terriers, cavalier king charles, chihuahuas, dachshunds, jack russels, Pomeranians. Also for flat faced breeds (brachycephalic) such as pugs, french bulldogs, shih tzus and lhasa apso. Small mixed breeds that would enjoy the company of other small dogs for rambles and adventures. 

Areas we cover
Stanstead Abbotts

and surrounding areas. 

Contact us here or call on 07397187977

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