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12 Tips To Follow When Searching for Your Lost cat

Updated: Feb 10

Tips to follow to find your missing cat

Use some of these tips to help you find your missing or lost cat .

  • Search your home and garden thoroughly. Cats are very good at hiding, so be sure to check every nook and cranny. Look under beds, behind furniture, and in wardrobes. Also, check your garden, including any sheds or outbuildings.

  • Start Door Knocking in your local area . Approach each house respectfully.  Knock on each door politely and introduce yourself as the owner of a missing cat. Hand over a flyer and explain the situation. Inquire if they have seen your cat or if they would mind you searching their garage, shed, or garage. Be respectful of their boundaries and avoid intruding into their homes.

  • Post about your lost cat on social media. Share a photo and description of your cat on your social media accounts, and ask your friends and family to share the post as well. You can also join lost and found pet groups on social media.

  • Call your cat's name frequently. Cats can recognise their owners' voices, so calling your cat's name may help to attract him or her to you. The best time to call is late at night, if your cat is trapped you maybe able to hear if the call back.

  • Create clear and informative leaflets: Design eye-catching leaflets that include a large, clear photo of your cat, their name, your contact information, and any relevant details like distinguishing markings or medical conditions. Use bold fonts and easy-to-read text.

  • Put up posters in your local area. Include a photo of your cat, his or her name, and your contact information on the posters. Be sure to post the posters in places where people are likely to see them, such as telephone poles, local shops, and pet stops.

  • Contact your local vets and rescue organisations. Let them know that your cat is missing and provide them with a photo and description. Be sure to check back with the shelters and rescue organizations regularly to see if your cat has been brought in.

  • Leave a door or window open. Cat will often be lured home by smell, by leaving a door a window open my entice them back home. Also as they travel in darkness they may return in the middle of the night so leave a door/open open if safe to do so.

  • Search for your cat at night in the local area. Cats are more active at night, so you are more likely to see your cat if you search for him or her after dark. When searching in the day, check behind gardens, check down alleyways that have access to back gardens, as many cat hide down in garages or behind sheds.

  • Check with your post person. Let your postman/woman and delivery drivers know that your cat is missing and ask them to keep an eye out for him or her.

  • Inform the microchipping company : Knowing your cat is microchipped provides peace of mind that they can be easily identified and returned to you if they ever go missing. As soon as your cat goes missing inform the microchipping company so they can register your cat as missing.

  • Don't give up hope. It may take some time, but there is always a chance that you will be reunited with your beloved pet. Do carry on your search, sometimes it takes weeks or months to find your cat.


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