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What is Microchipping?

Updated: Feb 16

Microchipping is a safe and reliable way to identify your cat, it is much more reliable that using a collar and tag. Collars can be lost, and can also cause injury if the cat get caught on something such as branches or fencing. Microchipping is used to identify your cat if it is lost, and can reunite you with you cat quickly.

The microchipped is inserted under the skin between the shoulder blades, it is a very quick procedure. The microchip is very small, about the size of a grain of rice, and but secure itself underneath the skin and stay there. The microchip will hold a unique number which will be allocated to your cat, and a scanner will be used to check your cats chip, however you can not track your cat from the chip.

There are a few different companies that microchip your cat, and microchipping is always being updated so please so some research before getting your cat microchipped, ask your vet or local rescue centre for the latest information. There are different databases for different companies that hold your microchip details, but you can do a general search on any of the databases to check you chip is activated, always check your chip details have be registered correctly with your provider, if you change address or phone number contact your microchip company to update your details.

Microchipping will be needed if you plan you take your cat broad with you, you will need the microchipping information for your pet passport. You can also use the microchip for feeders and cat flaps, and chipping will come in handy for disputes over cats ownership.

So what age can my cat have a microchip?

Kittens can be microchipped at any age, however most vets will wait until they are at least 8 weeks old, so they have grown big enough to have the procedure. Most kittens will have the microchip implanted when they have their vaccinations, as both procedures can be done in one vet visit. Every cat should be microchipped, by law dogs have to be chipped and the law is looking to bring this in for cats.

Who should microchip my cat?

Microchipping should be performed by a trained individual, this can be a vet, rescue worker, pet shop owner or groomer. Always check the person doing your cats microchipping in qualified and insured, you can always ask the microchip provider to recommend someone in your area. The cost of microchipping varies depending who does it, a vet may cost £20 plus but a local rescue may chip for free or for a small fee.

Here is a list of microchip companies listed from GOV.UK

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