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What to do if you find a lost cat

Updated: Mar 8

Firstly you need to determine if the cat is actually lost, cats have a habit of visiting homes regularly resulting in people assuming the cat is lost but it may live close by. Start by putting on a paper collar with your name and number, so if it is owned by someone they can call you to let you know the cat has a home.

Try to get a good photo of the cat and put it on social media pages in your local area, the cat may have just got blown off their territory ,maybe someone will come forward to claim him/her.

You can put up posters in the local area and speak to neighbours about the cat, someone may know something, and the owner may be found.

Check on social media sites covering your area that no one is looking for the cat, often someone has posted images of their missing cat.

Call your locals vets and ask if anyone is looking for the cat you have found, and the vets will be able to check to see if the cat has a microchip. If a microchip is found the vet can

Found cat

get the details and contact the cats owners, if no microchip is found hen the cat will need to be handed over to a rescue centre.

The cat will be taken to a rescue centre, the rescue will health check the cat, get it up to date with microchipping, neutering and vaccinations, then a new home will be found . Legally they have to hold the cat for 7 days, if not owner comes forward then he cat can be rehomed .

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