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Douglas the cat missing from Benfleet

Updated: Feb 15

Douglas the cat has been missing from Woodham Road, Benfleet, Essex. SS7

Doug went missing on the 23rd September 2021, he was last seen outside his home around 7pm on the evening he went missing. He never returned home later that evening.

 Doug missing from Benfleet, Essex.

Doug missing from Benfleet, Essex.

Do you have any information about missing cat Doug?

Doug is neutered and microchipped, if you think you have seen him please contact as soon as possible.

He has a very distinctive face, he has a little black spot on the white markings around his muzzle. On his nose he has an upside down heart shape . Doug is very friendly and very vocal. Other names used to call him are Doug, Doug or Dougie, and has only just turned one at the time of his disappearance.

Doug could be scanned to confirm his microchipping details. If you believe you have found a cat that could be him, please take to be scanned.

He is very much missed by his owners, they would love to see him back home where he belongs. Doug has a sister who has missed him terribly. The owner Cheri has spent many long hours leafleting the area and speaking to local people. Whilst there have been many recorded sightings of Doug, every lead has been followed up with no luck to date.

If you believe you have seen Doug please try to get a photo so other cats can be ruled out quickly. You can follow the full story on facebook at (2) Cat Douglas lost Benfleet SS7 Phone 07737 944881 | Facebook

 Doug missing from Benfleet, Essex.

Do you know what happened to Doug?

Could your neighbour have Doug?

Maybe a neighbour or friend has taken him in thinking he is a stray, do any of your neighbours own a cat looking like Doug? Has any local to you got a new cat around September 2021? As Doug is a very friendly little cat someone may have taken a liking to him and as he is young maybe someone thought he didn’t have a home.

If you have any information about Doug, please message with full details. If you believe you know what happened to Doug that evening please get in contact. Lets get Doug home where he belongs.

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