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Cat missing/stolen from Harlow Essex -Shimmie

Updated: Feb 16

Shimmie a maine coon cat is missing

Shimmie the maine coon went missing from Harlow, Essex on the 5th December. Shimmie managed to push open the catio door as the owner was putting out some rubbish. He managed to jumped over to the next door neighbours garden and has not been seen since. Shimmie went missing around 10.30 in the morning, it was a school day so the area was very quiet. He is a large cat, ginger and white with white feet and white bib.

We believe Shimmie has been stolen

A full search of the area was done, posters were put up and leaflets delivered to surrounding area. After speaking to local people and door knocking there was still no sign of Shimmie. We do believe Shimmie has been stolen, do you know anyone who has a new cat since Christmas? a big fluffy maine coon who is very big and very vocal. The park and road was checked and searched but no one had seen him. There is a reward for anyone giving information that could lead to getting Shimmie back home.

Reward for a safe return

Contact us at if you have any information of the whereabouts of Shimmie, as he could have been sold and be anywhere in the country. His family are missing him very much and would love to see him home, so please look out for him.

Shimmie is chipped and neutered, and has been registered as missing/Stolen. There is a reward for his safe return so please if you have picked him up please return him and no questions will be asked.


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