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Updated: Feb 16

Newt is a Maine coon cat that has gone missing from Bricket Wood, St Albans, Hertfordshire. He has been missing since 17 April 2022, he is a large, red Maine coon cat weighing over 8kg. As he is a big cat, he would have been noticed if he was living as a stray in the area. As there has been no sightings of him at all since he was last seen outside his home, it is presumed that Newt has been stolen.

Reward given for information about Newt

Newts owners are desperate to find him, and they miss him terribly. There is a reward for anyone who can give any information of Newts whereabouts. He is chipped and neutered, and is registered as missing with the microchip company. If you know who has taken Newt or know where he is, you can message with any information.

Was Newt stolen from St Albans, Hertfordshire?

At this point in time, Newts owners do believe that he was taken, as there have been no sightings of him. There have been no records of him being handed into a vet, or any information that he may have been run over or injured. No one has come forward to say they have seen him anywhere in the area.

Do you know where missing cat Newt could be?

Newt is now overdue his vaccines, and is being treated for a skin irritation on his tail. He needs to come back home to his family. Have you seen newt or have you seen him up for sale on any pet sites. Do you know anyone that has got a new cat like Newt, do you know where he could be? His family will do anything to get him back home.

Have you been sold a stolen cat?

If you believe that you know information about missing cat Newt, then please message as soon as possible. If you suspect someone you know may have Newt, you can contact us in confidence. So many cats have gone missing, many have been Maine coons. If someone if offering you a Maine coon that is older than a kitten please check that it has not been stolen, if you believe you have been sold a stolen cat, please remember that someone is missing that cat, so please do the right thing and hand it in to a rescue or vet and state that you believe it to be stolen.

Reward for information about missing Hertfordshire cat Newt

Please look out for Newt, lets get him home! Newt is loved and dearly missed, please do the right thing. Help us to find Newt and look out for other missing cats, please follow for latest missing cat information.

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