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Missing cat Donut from Bishop Stortford FOUND after missing nearly a year

Updated: Feb 5

Success Story

Black cat Donut went missing from Bishop Stortford in Hertfordshire last year. It was the night of a big storm on the 8th September 2022. Donut had been out that evening, but when called to come home there was no sign of him.

His owner called him most of the evening, but Donut never came home. The storm was bad that night, so when Donut had not come home the next day, searches were set up to try and find him.

There was many sightings of black cats in the area but every time the lead was chased up sadly it was never Donut.

Donuts owner never gave up looking and weeks turned into months, still sightings of black cats were reported and again each lead was followed up but was never Donut.

Now nearly a year later, after sharing on facebook and nextdoor app, I had a message to say a black cat had turned up at the Birchanger services, Bishop Stortford. The cat was believed to be a female and was friendly. I messaged to say I would come and collect the cat the following night.

However, luckily someone from local rescue was passing the same evening and picked up the cat. I had a message to say it could be Donut and contacted the owner for microchip details. The microchipped details ended up being check through the chipping company and the great news that it was Donut.

So nearly a year to the day that Donut went missing, he has been been found!

Fantastic news, Donuts owner was over the moon to have Donut home. A little miracle, if only they could tell their story . Welcome home Donut!


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