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Nala the cat is missing from Bracknell, Berkshire

Updated: Feb 5

Nala is a small grey and white cat, she is a shy cat so she would not choose to approach anyone. Sadly on the afternoon of the 12th of May 2023, Nala just disappeared and there has been no sightings of her since that evening.

No sightings of Nala

Do you live in Bracknell in Berkshire? Maybe you have information that could reunited Nala with her heartbroken family.

Nala was last seen walking on the grass next to the pond on Carnation Drive and Winkfield Row, last seen around 4.30pm, late afternoon. From then on there has been no reports of her movements that evening.

Missing cat Bracknell

Nala is owned by Bianca Pascucci, who is absolutely devastated that Nala is missing. Nala was a gift for Bianca's daughter on her 4th birthday, and she can not understand why Nala has not come home.

Nala missing from Bracknell

Every step has been taken to find Nala, leaflets and posters have been distributed around the area and further afield. Door knocking has been done, blankets and garments from home have been left outside so she can smell home. Any sightings have been followed up but each time it was never Nala.

Missing cat Nala

Nala is a beautiful grey cat with white markings. She has a tiny white marking between her eyes, white feet, white chin and a white bib with a white tummy. Nala is 3 years old and is chipped and neutered.

Missing Bracknell, Berkshire

Is is possible that Nala has been taken? Do you know anyone that has a new cat in the last 3 months fitting Nala's description? Do you know anyone that may have taken her? Any information will be confidential, so please feel free to message or contact Bianca on facebook.

Missing cat uk

Follow on Facebook for latest developments regarding Nala's search at Finding Nala

Nala cat missing

Missing ads have been placed on selling sites such as Gumtree and Free Ads, pets selling sites have been monitored to look for Nala. If you think you have seen Nala being sold on any of these sites please make contact straight away.


A go fund me page has been set up in order to issue a reward for anyone that comes forward with information about missing Nala..feel free to donate here .

If you have any information at all please make contact, let get this little cat home to the people who love her. The not knowing what has happened is unbearable, if you know who has Nala, or think you know where she could be please pass on the information. This will not be taken any further, no police action will be taken, Bianca just wants her cat home.

Missing cat Nala

There is a possibility that Nala has just got lost, wandered off further that usual. Then couldn't find her way home. She could have got in a van or vehicle and been transported off her area, so please look out for her. If you think you have seen Nala, please make contact as soon as possible so Bianca is able to act quickly.

Please share Nala's story so she gets home to the people who love her....LETS FIND NALA!!!


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