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Siamese Cat Missing from Finedon, Wellingborough, help to find him

Updated: Feb 5

Siamese cat is missing, have you got any information

Siamese cat went missing from Finedon, Wellingborough on the 7th May. Since that date there has been no sightings of him. He went missing in the afternoon, possibly got into a van or someone may have picked him up.

Siamese Cat Missing from Finedon, Wellingborough

Losing a beloved pet is a distressing experience, and when suspicions arise that they might have been stolen, the pain can be even more unbearable. The family are heartbroken, so if you could share to friends and family maybe someone has some information about what happened that day. He disappeared without a trace, leaving the family devastated and concerned about his well-being.

He is a cherished member of the family, with distinctive Siamese markings and expressive blue eyes. He is chipped and neutered. Have you seen him in your area, has someone you know acquired a new Siamese cat in the last couple of months? Has someone offered you a Siamese cat for sale?

Siamese Cat Missing from Finedon, Wellingborough

Understanding that recovering him requires a community effort, the family have taken to social media and local forums. They have posted heartfelt messages, pictures, and descriptions of him , pleading for information. The power of social media cannot be underestimated in such situations; so please share as far as you can, in an attempt to get him home. Lets spread the word far and wide, increasing the chances of someone recognizing the missing Siamese cat .

Even if he had been taken out of the area, there was a chance that someone might bring him to a shelter or veterinarian for treatment or identification.

Siamese Cat Missing from Finedon, Wellingborough

If you live in the area please check sheds, garages and outbuildings. If you have any information about someone who could have taken him please contact us. Any information at all please help get him home where he belongs.

Any information, no matter how small please contact , so the information can be followed up



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