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What carrier should I get for my cat?

Updated: Feb 16

How to choose a safe cat carrier

When it comes to choosing a cat carrier how do you go about choosing one that is right for your cat. Firstly be prepared to pay out and get a good quality carrier, a good carrier should last the lifetime of your cat. Cheap carriers tend not to last long and can break or snap, making the carrier unsafe to use and very often the cheap carriers tend to be on the small size. I have heard so many stories of the bottom of the carrier dropping off and the cat falling to floor and running off. This could cause your cat to get lost in an unfamiliar area or could possibly run into traffic and get injured or worse.

Is my cat carrier fit for purpose?

Whilst you may buy a carrier when you first get your kitten do think about how much they will grow so do buy something practical. There are many pretty carriers in todays market. Do consider how safe they are before using them and do plenty of research before buying you carrier, read reviews on the products before wasting money on something that is not fit for purpose. Do consider the temperament of your cat and how often your cat will be using a carrier, if you like to travel taking your cat then consider a larger carrier so your cat will be comfortable on the long journeys.

What size cat Carrier should I get for my cat?

Firstly check the size of the carrier, if you have a large cat make sure you have a spacious carrier to make sure your cat can travel in comfort. Carriers need to be strong and sturdy, cats often move around in the carrier so you need to be sure that it is secure. What is the character of your cat like? does your cat like to hide or is your cat confident and like to see where he is going? As you tend to buy your carrier when your cat is a kitten, do think about how large they will grow, do choose a carrier your cat can grow into, you can always pad out the carrier with blankets whilst your cat is a kitten.

Should I get a plastic cat carrier?

Plastic carriers are very practical, easy to keep clean and gives the cat the advantage of being able to peer out of the front but can also hide at the back if nervous. These are good if the cat hides at the back of the carrier as the lid can be lifted off and the cat can stay sitting in the base of the carrier. The downfall of these carriers is they came in two halves so make sure the tabs are strong and fit tightly and the front grill is well fitted and the pegs are tight, as there maybe a risk of the bottom falling out with the weight of the cat inside. So do purchase a strong sturdy carrier, and pay a little more to get a safer, good quality cat carrier.

Are Wicker baskets ideal as a cat carrier?

Wicker baskets can look very pretty, but are insecure and a frightened cat could break the carrier, also these are very hard to keep clean. Wicker carriers are best to be used at home as bed rather then transport to a vet. Cardboard carriers again are not very practical, and a cat could break out. These could get damaged if the cat is sick or wets himself during traveling, leaving the carrier unsafe.

Would a wire carrier be suitable for my cat?

Wire carriers have advantages as the cat can see all around him, and you can also see what is happening in the carrier. Make sure you put in a blanket in the bottom so its comfortable for the cat to sit in as the wire can be uncomfortable on your cats feet. For scared cats you could also place a blanket over the top of the carrier, once they are covered they feel much safer and your cat will relax more. Do watch your fingers in a wire carrier if you have an aggressive cat as they may lash out and scratch you. As these carriers are top opening it makes it much easier to remove the cat out of the carrier. Wire carriers for much stronger and the cat can not break out of these, making this type of carrier must safer and this carrier will last. These carriers will be more expensive but worth the extra money.

Whatever cat carrier you chose, make sure it suits your cat, the aim to make your cat feel as safe and relaxed as possible when travelling.


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