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Max the cat was dumped at Much Hadham – Help to find him

Updated: Feb 5

Max the cat was abducted

On the morning of 10th February 2022 Max the cat was abducted from near his home in Wareside, Hertfordshire. Max was then transported and dumped from a car in Kettle Green, Much Hadham, Hertfordshire.

Max the cat dumped in Much Hadham

About Max

Max is a black and white cat with a distinctive white tip on his tail, he is neutered and microchipped. He was two and a half years old when he went missing. Max was a rescue cat, and a fairly nervous, shy cat and he has been reported to the microchipping company and local rescues and vets that he is missing.

Help us to find Max lost in Much Hadham

Sightings of Max the cat

Wildlife cameras where set up in the area that Max went missing and traps were set, Max was caught on camera the first night he was missing but has not been seen since. His last know position was at the Old Railway bridge at Kettle Green.

There have been many sightings of black and white cats in the area and further afield, all sightings were followed up but none of the cat were Max. Max could have now moved on to another area and could be much further away.


Help to find Max the cat

There are many farms and businesses in the area surrounding where Max went missing, so he could be living somewhere in the outskirts of Much Hadham. Leaflets and posters where spread all over the surrounding areas, with large amounts of feedback and sightings. Sadly Max has never been found and there is chance he is still out there somewhere.

Max’s owner is desperate to find him and has spent weeks cycling the area, leafletting and postering the all areas surrounding Much Hadham. Speaking to everyone on route, many people joined the search to find him and rescue services also searched the area for Max. Time has now lapsed, but we do not want anyone to forget Max, he could still be in the local area and it is important to keep Max in the public eye.

If your would like to follow the story about Max please follow at Lost Max Much Hadham.

Share with friends in the area

If you live in Much Hadham or in the surrounding areas, please look out for Max on your travels. Maybe he has made a home somewhere, someone may have taken him in. He could be living as a stray at a farm or out building. Please share his story to local friends and family….help us to find Max….this little cat is needed back home.

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