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Feisty the cat is Missing

Updated: Feb 16

Feisty the cat is missing from Birmingham

Feisty the cat is missing from Yardley Birmingham b25 area.

Feisty a female black and white cat, she went missing from her garden 7 months ago on the 19th July 2022. Feisty was in the garden and chased after another cat, sadly she has not been seen since . Feisty has been an indoor cat for the past 7 years, and prior to that she was a stray for the first couple of years of her life. She is chipped and neutered so if you think you have found her she can be scanned by a vet.

Heart break not knowing if she is alive

Feisty’s owner is truly heart broken that she has not been able to find out if Feisty is still alive or if something may have happened to her. When Feisty bolted from the garden she was wearing a red harness with a leash. It is a possibility that she got stuck somewhere because of this, as there has not been one confirmed sighting of Feisty since that day.

Posters and leaflets have been distributed

Thousand of leaflets and posters have been delivered in the local area and newspaper articles have been printed in the Birmingham mail. Missing posters have been displayed in the area where she went missing and further afield. Feisty has been shared on social media and rescue websites, such as paw boost, animal search & pets reunited.

Help to find Feisty

If you live in or near to the Birmingham area B25, please look out for Feisty. If you have found a red harness and lead, then please contact with any information. If you believe someone has found Feisty and is keeping her, you can contact us in confidence and can remain anonymous with any information. Maybe you know someone has taken her in and now claims her as their own cat, has someone in the area have a new cat like Feisty?

Have you found a red lead or harness?

If you have found a red harness or lead in the area, or part of a lead or harness that has been damaged or broken, please get in touch. Any information about the lead and harness could be helpful.

Please check sheds and garages

If you live in the Birmingham B25 please check sheds, garages and gardens. Look behind your outbuildings as she may have got trapped or snagged by her lead and harness. Please check under bushes and shrubs in your gardens and between fence panels, or any small gaps she could have gained access to.

Have you a new stray in the area?

Feisty may now be living as a stray cat somewhere in your area, so please be aware of any new cat hanging around. If you suspect you have seen Feisty living as a stray please contact us asap.

Sadly there have been no positive sightings at all so Feisty the cat is still missing after many months. Please look out for Feisty as she needs to be back at home with her owner. There is also a possibility that she has travelled further afield by now and be in a different area.

If you think you have seen Feisty please contact us as soon as possible. If you have any information good or bad please let us know.

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