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Was Slinky the Devon Rex cat stolen?

Updated: Feb 16

Slinky the Devon Rex went missing from outside her home on the 3rd June 2020. She went missing from Knebworth near Stevenage, Hertfordshire. She was last caught on CCTV sitting outside her garden at the front of the house, after that she was never seen again. So was Slinky the Devon Rex cat stolen or did she just go missing?

Missing/Stolen cats in the UK

After days of leafleting, putting up posters and door knocking there was not one sighting of Slinky. We do believe that slinky was stolen from outside the house on the day she went missing.

As slinky was very petite, we believe that someone picked her up from outside the house and took her. Slinky is microchipped and neutered, so she can not be used for breeding. She is a very friendly little cat, and never wandered away from home so someone may have thought she was a kitten and decided to take her.

She is a Devon Rex, which is very rare. She has a cream wavy coat which is very unusual, with darker points on her face, ears and feet.

Her owner is desperate to find her, even although she has been missing a while, there has been no evidence that anything happened to her. The local area was covered in the search for Slinky.

If you believe you have any information about missing Slinky , please contact us. There is a reward to returning Slinky. If you know anyone who has got a cat like Slinky in the last couple of years and you think it could be her, please let us know. Contact us at with any information.

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