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Have You Seen This Cat? Atticus missing from Ware, Hertfordshire

Missing black and white cat

Atticus Has been missing from Ware, Hertfordshire since the 2nd January. Atticus is used to going outside, and spends the day outside with his brother Oscar.

black and white cat

On the 2nd January Atticus had been home for his dinner and had spent some time at home. Early evening around 6pm Atticus went back out, he is usually back within an hour or twice. It was nearly 9pm and Atticus had not come home.

Black and white cat

At 10pm Atticus owners were outside searching for him, the weather was pretty bad that night, very windy and raining. So very unusual that Atticus had not come home.

black and white cat

Atticus is a very small cat, although he likes to be out hunting, he is never far from home. His brother Oscar is usually not far behind him, so maybe Atticus got in a van late that night. The area was leafletted and posters were put up, every local garden was searched but there was no sign of Atticus.

black and white cat

Atticus could be anywhere if he got in a van that night, there have been no sightings at all in the local area. The search continues to find him, and posts are shared on facebook and Nextdoor app regularly.

black and white cat

Atticus is neutered and chipped, a small black and white cat with a stripe of white down his nose.

black and white cat

Atticus is a shy cat, and will be pretty timid, with a small cry.

black and white cat

Oscar, Atticus brother is missing him very much. If you believe you have seen Atticus them please contact me at The Cat Company or call on 07397 187977

two cats

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